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Price list of TOTO 2019-2019 toilet

bồn cầu

>>> See specific price list of TOTO toilet at website:

TOTO toilet design technology Design of closed body, closed rim handy for daily cleaning CeFiONtect technology makes the toilet very smooth, minimizing stains and bacteria Tornado exhaust system smooth, powerful and efficient Now talking about TOTO products, we have no doubt about TOTO products. About white porcelain enamel material with anti-fouling technology, modern design, optimized design for product hygiene. And most importantly, about the current price of products TOTO is launching a lot of promotion incentives to support customers today.

Price list of lavabo washbasin lavabo 2019 – 2020

Chậu rửa mặt lavabo TOTO

>>> See the price list of lavabo TOTO washbasins with good prices:

Lavabo TOTO is a product line that many customers choose about the product design and porcelain enamel materials are excellent. Modern design in luxury, with thin lavabo rim design, creating a product that exudes beautiful drawing. The anti-fouling ceramic enamel technology helps us reduce the time of product hygiene effectively. And the price of lavabo products is currently very good discount. TOTO Lavabo is usually displayed at current 5-star and 6-star Risot hotels

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Price list of lavabo washbasin lavabo faucet 2019-2020 good price

Vòi lavabo

>> View price list of lavabo TOTO faucet here:

Features lavabo faucet Modern design harmonious with space The coating is durable over time Brass body valve Ceramic disc valve prevents fouling from clogging and helps lock water completely About TOTO hose products are currently selling very well on the market. With extremely high quality nickel chrome plated brass products, with normal product lines, the lavabo faucet only has 2 to 3 layers of chrome plating. As for the TOTO faucet line, 5 layers of chrome plated nike are very durable and shiny. 100% brass faucet core is very safe for users

TOTO 2019-2020 hot and cold shower price list

sen tắm TOTO

>> See TOTO hot and cold shower price list at website:

TOTO shower feature

Modern design with luxurious elegance Brass valve body Brass disc valve with anti-fouling, helps lock water completely Technology: Japan Product origin: Vietnam About TOTO shower products material made from chrome plated brass. The beautiful design and the product equipped with adjustable shower hands help when we take a comfortable bath. The lotus root is made from chrome plated brass that is very shiny and durable. Produced on Japanese technology. Customers do not need to worry about the quality of the product.


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The latest TOTO sanitary ware price list 2019 – 2020